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The breed is 100% pure Iberian. Both mother and father are 100$ Iberian Breeds. Its meat color is intense red due to its high protein.  Visually, 100% ham doesn’t have infiltrated fat and it seems leaner with less fat. The fat is dissolved in meat and makes the flavor very strong and long lasting. Traditionally, 100% Iberian ham is available only in Spain.


The breed of 50-75% Iberian Ham is normally the mother is 100% Iberian and the father is Duroc or crossed with Iberian Pig.   The color of the meat is pinkish red. Is more mild and meaty, has very balanced flavor and intense aroma. The pinkish transparent fat becomes white when the ham is sliced. The infiltrated fat makes ham very juicy.

All our hams carved and cut in Hong Kong.

Hand carved ham is more fresh and has optimal ratio of the fat and meat is perfect.

Machine cut ham is usually deboned ham, cut into chunks and then sliced in machine. With a machine all the slices have the same thickness and the same shape.  

24 months Iberian Ham is cereal-fed, has very nice meaty flavor, very mild, but no acorn flavor.


36 months Iberian Ham is acorn-fed, very balanced nutty and meaty flavor.

Those white dots that appear in the ham are crystallizations of tyrosine amino acid. Formation of these crystals takes place during the Iberian Hams maturation process.

This is a sign that the pig has been properly fed and has followed a healthy and balanced diet.

Indeed, the ham is good to consume when it has white dots. These crystals are a symbol  of high quality hams and the process of curing has been correctly done: with care, time and dedication.

Fuet is a Catalan pork dried sausages similar to Salchichon but drier in texture because of its thinner link. It has a dry texture with aromas of garlic, black pepper and other spices. Fuet is more mild in flavor.

Salchichon is a sausage made by drying, smoking and cooking then curing the meat.  The meat is finely chopped and seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices.

Chorizo is the most popular from all the sausages. It is cured and smoked sausage, seasoned with Paprika.

Picual has a bitter taste

Arbequina has a fruity, fresh and slightly bitter taste

Coupage has slightly bitter taste, made from selected blend of olives

Spanish Wine is very fruity, easy to drink and exceptional to pair with food. High in quality price ratio.

Freshly Carved Everyday in Hong Kong

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